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Done-For-You Manufacturing Solutions

Hugies Group Inc is a one-stop shop. We handle the entire sourcing and production management process for your clothing lines, specialized in using advance fabric technology for healthcare industry. All from our ethically-verified clothing manufacturing facilities and suppliers network. We're here to help you build your brand.

Here's an easy guide of what you can expect when you hire Hugies Team to manufacture your clothing or accessories line.

Hugies Team Manufacturing Process

1. Product Design and Material Specifications

Providing us with accurate design specifications mean your quotes will be accurate while your patterns and samples can be perfected more quickly.

  1. Send us your design sketch, Tech Pack with specifications, include a Bill of Materials list along with artwork and photos or 3D design tech packs via email.
  2. If you have a reference sample, you can ship to us for our review and evaluation.
  3. Once your design specs are received, our design and product development team will begin the quotation process. 
  4. Our team will offer cost-effective design solutions and make appropriate recommendations to ensure quality products within compliance.

2. Global Sourcing 

Hugies Team collaborates with domestic manufacturing partners in the U.S.,  overseas partners in Asia and South America. Our global sourcing team will source top quality fabrics and materials from our trusted suppliers for your products.

  1. Tell us which fabrics you desire or visit our Fabric Trend page to select popular fabric options from our site. 
  2. Our vertical fabric mills offer a variety of selection including biodegradable, recycled, certified organic, exquisite smart-fabrics, sustainably made fabrics, conventionally made fabrics.
  3. Can't find what you like? No problem! Send us the performance features you want for your fabric and we can develop and customize fabric for you. 
  4. Our suppliers can develop and customize any types of buttons, clasps, drawstrings, gem stones, magnetic snaps, zippers or other material components. 

3. Fabric, Materials, Patterns and Prototype

Our product development team will collaborate with your team to finalize all fabric and trim details.

Our Pattern Engineer can use your pattern or will work with a 2D medium (i.e. paper or fabric) to develop blocks (using either body or garment measurements) which will assist in making garments to drape a 3D body to achieve the desired fit with optimum utilization of resources. A well executed pattern leads to great fit!

  1. We will use the approved Sample Size spec to create accurate patterns.
  2. If you ship us your reference sample, we can replicate the construction, embroidery, fabric dyeing, printing, or other embellishments.
  3. Once prototype samples are completed, we will ship to you for your fit and construction approval.

4. Graded Specs and Production 

At this stage, the fabric and materials, samples have been approved by you and our production team will finalize the graded specs for bulk production.  

  1. Production specs will be graded according to your size range. You may customize or we we can apply the international standard size grading rules.
  2. Fabrics and materials are in-house ready to start bulk production.
  3. Our team will finalize the time and action calendar and provide weekly WIP report until shipment is completed.

5. Brand Labels and Packaging 

We can execute your branded care labels, woven labels, hang tags, and packaging. 

  1. Submit the tech pack with labels, tags, and packaging artwork file. Let us know if you need support in brand development.
  2. Our production team will develop labels, tags, and packaging according to your requirements.
  3. You can select different quality options using standard industry grade material, biodegradable material and recycled materials. 

7. Factory Audit and Testing

We are committed to partner with manufacturing facilities that are in compliance with Codes of Conducts. Factory audits and testings are performed by a third party accredited laboratory.  

7. Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality assurance and quality control is a complex area. Our in-house inspectors have procedures in place for quality assurance that build quality into each step of the manufacturing process including design, production, and beyond. Apparel garments, accessories, and other textile are assessed for quality in the pre-production, production, and a final inspection after the product has been completed.

  1. Throughout all sourcing, pattern-cutting, sample-making, main production, labeling, and packaging stages, your Production Manager and the production team is present to ensure consistent quality.
  2. At the end of your main production, individual pieces are checked for measurements, fabric performance, stitching quality of all features (ex: buttons, pockets, zippers), and trimming.
  3. Once production passes quality control (QC), it is tagged, bagged, and boxed ready to be shipped to you.

8. Logistics, Distribution and Customer Care

Hugies Team works seamlessly to provide custom material handling solutions (import and export), Warehouse Management Expertise and Global Supply Chain Solutions. We partner with trustworthy third party logistics warehouses (3PL) and fulfillment centers to streamline the process, provide exclusive, professional, efficient and reliable service. Our knowledgeable customer care team is here to assist you. All inquiry is welcome.