About Us

Our Mission

The Greek word “Hugies” (hoo-gee-ez) means “to restore to health”. Our team here at Hugies Group is passionate about health and wellness. We’re dedicated to offering safety, comfort, and innovation to every family, one product at a time! Our products are treated with antimicrobial agents to protect our families, neighbors, and communities. We are also expanding our designs to incorporate new technologies, helping you achieve health and safety while maintaining comfort and luxury.

Being the creator and to see the final product is the most exciting process. There are definitely lots of trial and errors, failures, and learning curves and We turned all them all into wonderful experiences. Owklo values empowerment and embraces heart and soul. In 2020, we set goal to design products that promote health and wellness. So here We are. With 20+ years of knowledge working in the apparel production management definitely helps with our designs and production. We have high standard of procedure and protocols and We take pride in our work. We love simplicity, minimalist , black and white art, occasionally with a pop of accent colors. In 2021, we launched a therapeutic designs “Mirror Tee for Me” to elevate self care awareness.

We hope you like our designs. Thank you for stopping by to read our story and be part of our journey.