Sateri Ecocosy® Antibacterial Fiber

The active antibacterial substance is evenly dispersed on the surface and inside of the fibre through the injection spinning technology, and has an inhibitory effect on microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. EcoCosy® Antibacterial fibre can reduce body odour (e.g. sweat odour), and keep clothes clean and smell fresh for a longer time. They also deliver antibacterial performance in a safe and effective way, improving the wearing experience.


Sateri Ecocosy® Antibacterial fibre refers to fibre that has bacteriostasis effect to inhibit or kill microbes such as bacteria, fungi and virus. It can not only prevent textiles from being stained by microbes, reduce cross-infection rate, but also resist disease transmission to protect body health and wear comfortably. These special features enrich textiles with new functions of health care

Sateri Ecocosy® antibacterial fibre is the unique active-property fibre on the market. Viscose fibre is the only natural source fibre which could inject functional agents into inner structure of fibre during spinning process to achieve permanent antibacterial effects. Compared with traditional post-treatment process, the effect is more enduring and outstanding.

Besides including a variety features of normal viscose fibre, Sateri antibacterial fibre also shows extra special functions, such as antibacterial, deodorant and UV protective, marking its safe, controllable and sustainable attributes.